The War Effort of New Zealand.



A Popular History of (a) Minor Campaigns in which New Zealand took part: (b) Services not fully dealt with in the Campaign Volumes: (c) The Work at the Bases.

Contents include;

  • 1. The Supply of Reinforcements during the war.
  • 2. The Seizure and Occupation of Samoa. 3. The Senussi Campaign.
  • 4. The Work of the “Philomel.”
  • 5. The New Zealand Army Nurses.
  • 6. The New Zealand Hospitals, Solonica, Egypt, United Kingdom.
  • 7. The New Zealand Hospital Ships.
  • 8. New Zealand Dental Corps.
  • 9. New Zealand Veterinary Corps.
  • 10. Repatriation.
  • 11. War Relief and Patriotic Societies.
  • 12. The Peace Conference.
  • 13. Education in the N.Z.E.F.
  • 14. War Finance.
  • 15. The New Zealand Camps in England.


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