The New Zealanders at Gallipoli



This book is volume one in the Official history of New Zealand’s part in the Great War series and contains a detailed account of New Zealand’s part in the Gallipoli campaign. Contains black and white photographs throughout. List’s the New Zealanders decorated and mentioned in Despatches. Lists the place names of Anzac, with a brief description, and also a day by day Gallipoli Diary.


  • 1.      The Concentration of the Expeditionary Force
  • 2.      The Voyage to Egypt
  • 3.      Training in Egypt
  • 4.      The defence of the Suez Canal
  • 5.      The Rendezvous at Mudros
  • 6.      The Anzacs landing
  • 7.      The first week
  • 8.      At the head of Monash Gully
  • 9.      The battle of Krithia
  • 10.   The coming of the Mounted
  • 11.   Supplying the needs of the Army
  • 12.  Midsummer at Anzac
  • 13.   The preparations in July
  • 14.   The battle of Sari Bair
  • 15.  The battle of Kaiajik Aghala
  • 16.   Preparing for the end
  • 17.   The Evacuation
  • 18.   The return to Anzac
  • Appendix
  • 1.      The main body transports
  • 2.      N.Z. and A. Division Transports
  • 3.      Main body Establishments
  • 4.      The men of Anzac. Decorations and Mentioned in Dispatches.
  • 5.      The place names of Anzac
  • 6.      The Gallipoli Diary
  • 7.      Trench Map of Anzac at end of Volume


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