The Art Workmanship of the Maori Race in New Zealand by Augustus Hamilton



Artworkmanship of the Maori is a Rare Book. (Registrar of the University of Otago). First published in 1896, 236pp. A series of illustrations from especially taken photographs with descriptive notes and essays on the Canoes, Habitations, Weapons, Ornaments, and Dress of the Maoris, together with a list of the words in the Maori language used in these subjects.
Part I. On the Canoes of the Maori – plan of the details and construction of a Maori canoe. List of canoe words. On the historical canoes of the Maori Migration to New Zealand, with the names of canoes mentioned in Maori traditions and myths.
Part II. The habitations of the Maori, List of words relating to houses and pas, Maori rafter patterns, with descriptive notes, diagrams of the construction of a Maori House, plans and sections of fortified pas.
Part III. The weapons of the Maori, implements of agriculture and handicraft, the snares and implements used in hunting rats and birds for food.

This is a Facsimile of the original book.


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