Te Tohunga – The Ancient Legends and Traditions of the Maoris



first published in 1907.
Orally collected and pictured by W. Dittmer.
Filled with amazing drawings
I. Tiki- the ancestor of mankind
II. The creation of Hawaiki
III. The Poi-Dance
IV. The creation of the stars
V. The chant of Rangi-nui
VI. Tane – the creation of nature
VII. The fight of night and day
VIII. Maui – the creation of New Zealand
IX. Mahuika
X. Maui and Mahuika: Maui’s fight with the sun.
XI. The death of Maui
XII. Te Aroha O Hinemoa

XIII. Maui and Irawaru
XIV. Nga Patu-Paiarehe, the children of the mist.
XV. Tihi-O-Te-Rangi
XVI. The battle of the giants
XVII. The coming of the Maori
XVIII. Tradition – Tama-Te-Kapua
XIX. A Tangi. Te Reinga
XX. Ngawai. The burial of Te Heu-Heu on Tongariro.



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