Pioneering in Poverty Bay by Philip T. Kenway



Biographic story of Kenway’s journey out to New Zealand in the first mail steamer to New Zealand, in the 1880’s (“I like this ship, she’s the first boat I have been on where they strain all of the cockroaches out of the soup before they bring it to the table.”) to join his brother in Poverty Bay. The story of clearing the land and bringing in the sheep. The rough conditions they endured. Chapters include: First Experiences, Settling down, Poverty Bay, Acclimatization, Bush Felling, Burning off, Sowing, Fencing, Stock, Cadets, Balaam & Co., On the Road, A Car, Sundry dogs, Cattle Hunting, Skobby, Tawawera, A Tramp Royal, Of Cooks, Arts and Crafts, Neighbours, Some foreigners, Assorted Parsons, Telephones, Trout, Common birds, The Maori, The Pacific, New Zealanders, Some Reflections.


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