Narrative of the Late War in New Zealand



by Lieutenant-Colonel Carey, C.B.    This Book was first published in 1863 and gives a narrative of the events of the New Zealand War 1860-1861 in the Taranaki District so far as the Military operations under Major-General Pratt are concerned. “At the commencement of the year 1860 the military and naval force in the colony was particularly small: the infantry, by the withdrawal, in October 1858, of the 58th regiment, being reduced to one regiment. The colonists were scattered over the face of the island without the slightest regard, either in the choice of their land or of sites for their houses, to military or even to mutual defense. The country itself was a network of gullies, ravines, marshes, and impenetrable forest, and except in the neighborhood of the townships, destitute of roads; and even those near towns were hardly better than cart-tracks, impassible in winter.”


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