Maori Tales and Legends, by Kate McCosh Clark



First published in 1896, 186pp.
Contents include: Pare and Hutu, Rangi and Papatea, or the Heavens and the Earth, Huia, or the tale of the fishing net, Maui, the Hercules of the Pacific, Hinemoa, or the beautiful maiden of Rotorua, Sina and Tuna, the eel-god or the origin of the coconut tree, the twins, or the double star in Scorpion, Ratas Revenge, the tale of the first greenstone axe, Matariki, or the little eyes, Rua and Toka, tale of the deep sea, Marama, the Moon God and the woman in the Moon, Niwareka, great delight, Rongo and the Lizard God, The Blind Goddess and Tawhakis climb to the Heavens.


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