Letters From Canterbury



by Robert Bateman Paul, Archdeacon of Waimea. First Published in 1857
Contains information on the early settlement of Canterbury, the landing of the first colonists at Lyttelton, Public works at Lyttelton, Christchurch and in the rural districts, Canterbury proclaimed one of the six provinces of New Zealand, A Settlement founded at Kaiapoi, Emigration agent dispatched to England, Census of 1854, Slight shock of earthquake, extensive sheep robbery, the Character of Colonial Society, rapid rise of the industrious working man, What sort of persons should emigrate, Advice to intending settlers, Hints for the voyage, Climate, Boundaries of the Provinces, The Church of England in Canterbury, Sheep farming.
A- a narrative of overland journeys from Nelson to Christchurch.
B- Census of 1854
C- A table of Exports during the year, Account of Immigration.
D- a Sermon
E- Appeal on behalf of Christ’s College
F- Lists of Occupiers of Runs


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