Frontier Life, Taranaki, New Zealand



by Edwin Stanley Brookes, J.P

Formerly Government Staff Surveyor, Taranaki.
With Maps and Sketches.
First Published 1892, 204pp
Records his life as an early settler and surveyor.Chapters include:
From Auckland to New Plymouth
Forrest Settlement
Surveys and Local Government
Temperance and Intemperance
Episode and Willpower
The Native Problem Solved
The Death Trap on the Plains
Mount Egmont
The Maori and Whence they came
Relics of the Tainui
The Tainui and Te Aria
The Arrival of Maori
Survey Camp Life
Native Tragedy and Gold Romance
The White Cliffs
Camp Life, Pukearuhe
A Terrible Christmas Eve
Awakino, Auckland
Snapshots of our Flag


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