Cyclopedia of New Zealand Volume four Otago & Southland



The Cyclopedia of New Zealand, Industrial, Descriptive, Historical, Biographical facts, figures, and Illustrations.  Published in six large volumes that include a collection of biographical portraits, a town and country gazetteer, and surveys of local trades and businesses. A must for genealogists and historians with an interest in New Zealand’s past. The pages have been scanned and each volume is captured onto a single CD.

From the publishing of the first volume in 1897, it took a further eleven years until all six volumes were completed. The information for the Cyclopedia’s was collected in person, the compilers going from town to town, from the cities to the remotest corners of New Zealand. They collected the local history of the areas, businesses, stories and biographies from the people and from the early settlers and their descendants along with so many black and white photographs.


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