Bush Fighting in New Zealand



by Major-General Sir James Alexander and was first published in 1873.   “The incidents of the Maori War 1860-1861 were published by me some years ago. The events which occurred were chiefly in Taranaki, were very interesting, subsequent “actions and incidents” were sanguinary and exciting, and afford useful instruction in Bush Fighting, and no other military or naval man had given a detailed account of the last operations in New Zealand, I undertook the task, for I thought that injustice to the forces engaged, Regulars and Colonials, soldiers and sailors, their gallant deeds, their labors, and sufferings should be recorded. Thus I have introduced the name of every officer, non-commissioned officer or private, soldier, or seaman I could discover who is mentioned in any dispatch or report of the credible action. I was liberally allowed by the Military and Naval authorities free access to all the documents at the House Guards and Admiralty to the Maori War.”


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