Brett’s Colonist Guide and Cyclopedia of Useful Knowledge



Published in 1883 this book has all the handy information every good colonist should know. 830pp on Farming- bush and fern land; Management of horses, cattle, sheep and crops. a monthly calendar of farm operations, The dairy and cheese factories. Poultry. Gardening – kitchen, flower, greenhouse, and vinery. Fruit culture, with explicit directions on grafting, pruning and budding for amateurs. Drainage, beekeeping. Insects useful and injurious, Tea, tobacco, olive and hop culture. winemaking, soap boiling, curing and storing. The family doctor. The housewife’s Text-book of cookery and useful recipes, Mechanical contrivances. Painting, Glue, Cement. Abstract of New Zealand Local Government Laws etc, etc, etc…. 

And all this hardly begins to cover the information held inside this old book. There are plans for building a settlers cottage, how to waterproof clothing, Homeopathic remedies, also Maori Homeopathic remedies. Old recipes for cakes biscuits, scones etc. Growing silkworms, making butter and cheese


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