A History of New Zealand



This is an all-around history of New Zealand from the time of discovery to 1912. Written by Shrimpton and Muligan. Historians consulted for this work include Dr. James Hight; Mr. T. Lindsay Buick for the period up to 1853; Mr. S. Percy Smith for the chapter on the Aborigines; Mr. James Cowan, for the chapters on the Maori Wars; and Dr. T.W. Leys, for the more recent period.

Contents include Part I: Old New Zealand (1642-1840) – Discovery, The Aborigines, The First Immigrants, The Missionaries, Tomahawk and Musket in the Brave days of Old, First Attempt at Systematic Settlement, Early Coastal Tragedies, Origin and Growth of British Influence, The Eve of Systematic Colonisation.

Part II: The Crown Colony Period (1840-1853) General Survey, Treaty of Waitangi and Establishment of British Sovereignty, Constitutional and Legal, Land Laws and Land Claims, Early Settlements of the New Zealand Company, Conflicts with the Maori, The Foundation of the Southern Settlements, Public Finance, The Establishment of the Church of England, The End of the Company, The Work of the Early Governors.

Part III:  The Provincial Government Period (1853-1875) Responsible Government, The Drift into War, The Taranaki War, The Waikato and Later Campaigns, Public Works and Immigration, Abolition of the Provinces.

Part IV: The Period of General Government (from 1876 onward) The Continuous Ministry and the Bad Times, Liberalism and Good Times, The Last Years of Liberalism


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