New Zealand Gazette

The New Zealand Gazette – The official newspaper of the New Zealand Government and is produced every Thursday by the New Zealand Gazette Office, Department of Internal Affairs.
Bankruptcy Notices – Company Notices:- Appointment and Release of Receivers / Managers – Applications for Winding Up / Liquidations – Appointment and Release of Liquidators – Meetings & Last Dates by Which to Prove Debts or Claims – Removals – Dissolutions – Cessation of Business in New Zealand – Partnership Notices – Land Transfer Notices – Charitable Trusts Notices – Friendly Societies and Credit Unions Notices – Incorporated Societies Notices – General Notices – Changes of Name – Nurses, Doctor’s and Teachers Registers – Justice of the Peace – Native Land Court Dealings – Native Adoptions – Military Notices
All Volumes are Fully Searchable, making it easier to find details of the thousands of names mentioned.

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