Colonial CD Books

At Colonial CD Books we scan, digitize and capture old and rare books onto compact disk and offer these for sale to genealogist and historians, at an affordable price to aide in their research.

The majority of our Cd books are in historical New Zealand at this time and include the history of New Zealand Churches, military history, biographical, and local histories. Many of the books we have on Cd are rare and come under the heading of collectible, the former making them very expensive, and difficult to acquire the valuable information they hold by the majority of researchers. 

By copying these valuable resources the original books are saved from further damage that comes from day to day use, yet allowing many more researchers access to the information they contain.

The majority of the Cd’s are in PDF format and are easily opened with Acrobat Reader which is available as a free download from the internet. They are more user-friendly than the old microfiche system, easy to search and printable.

Facsimile Copies of Old and Rare Books

Facsimile copy means that it is an exact copy of the original book, the books have not been altered in any way. (though every page has had the marks and imperfections of age removed and the text enhanced, and the covers are not original) This is a less expensive way to obtain the valuable information these book hold without paying for expensive rare and collectible books. These books are all soft cover and a great way to read the original content without the collectible price.