South Africa and the Transvaal War
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South Africa and the Transvaal War in Seven Volumes on one CD

This is a seven volume set of books. Probably one of the most comprehensive records of the Boer War. With Coloured plates, Full page plates, Full page portraits, Maps and Engravings in the text.

Vol. 1 - From the Foundation of Cape Colony to the Boer Ultimatum of the 9th October, 1899.

Vol. 2 - From the commencement of the war to the battle of Colenso, 15th Dec, 1899

Vol. 3 - From the battle of Colenso, 15th Dec, 1899, to Lord Roberts Advance into the Free State, 12th Feb, 1900.

Vol. 4 - From Lord Roberts entry into the Free State to the Battle of Karree.

Vol. 5 - From the disaster at Koorn Spruit to Lord Roberts's entry into Pretoria.

Vol. 6 - From the Occupation of Pretoria to Mr. Kruger's Departure from South Africa, with a summarised account of the Guerilla War to March 1901.

Vol. 7 - The Guerilla War, from February 1901 to the conclusion of hostilities. The development of peace negotiations from February 28, 1901, to May 31, 1902

Price NZD$25