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New Zealand's Social History



The Little Unwanted Babies of New Zealand

The information on this CD touches on a darker side of New Zealand's social history, baby farming and infanticide. Most people in New Zealand have heard of the story about Minnie Dean, the Winton baby farmer. Minnie Dean was probably more famous for being the only woman to be hanged in New Zealand, as there was a history of worse atrocities against the infant's born in this country.

For may decades the bodies of infants littered these fair green lands, inherited from the mother countries, the stigma attached to illigitimacy in our society. The value of these infant's lives seem to be little more than a representation of burden and shame.

All of these babies belong in someones family tree. Even if the babies cannot be individually named, they deserve recognition, if even collectively.

This CD tells of the history of the authorities trying various laws since Elizabethan times to try and stamp out infanticide. There are lists of babies found in New Zealand, Prosecution's of the culprits that were caught, and the disturbing stories behind the deaths of babies.

Price NZD$25