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We are going to revamp Colonial CD Books for the New Year and there will be New Products to help with  your research over the next 12 months, and some of the old CD Books will no longer be available.

This sale is to make available the current stock at reduced prices while we are improving things and adding new products. This sale will go right up to Christmas or while stocks last.

The Cyclopedia of New Zealand

Cyclopedia, Wellington  NZD$10

Cyclopedia, Auckland NZD$10

Cyclopedia, Canterbury NZD$10

Cyclopedia, Otago and Southland NZD$10

Cyclopedia, Nelson, Marlborough & Westland NZD$10

Cyclopedia, Taranaki, Hawkesbay & Wellington NZD$10

Otago Births NZD$7.50

Otago Marriages NZD$10

Otago Deaths NZD$10

Canterbury Births NZD$7.50

West Coast, Nelson & Marlborough Births NZD$7.50

NZ Births, whole country NZD$20

NZ Bankruptcy Notices NZD$10

NZ Register of Medical Practitioners NZD$10

NZ Nurses Register NZD$10

NZ Sheep Returns NZD$8

NZ Teachers Examinations & Licenses NZD$10

NZ Civil Service Examinations NZD$10

Industries of NZ NZD$10

Who's Who in NZ 1908 NZD$10

Who's Who in NZ 1925 NZD$10

Who's Who in NZ 1938 NZD$10

Dictionary of Australasian Biography, 1892 NZD$10

Past and Present, Captain Barry NZD$5

My Simple Life in New Zealand NZD$5

Early Otago by C. Stuart Ross NZD$7.50

Manawatu telephone Directory NZD$7.50

Stones Dunedin & Invercargill Directory 1886 NZD$10

Wises Post Office Directory 1926 NZD$10

Auckland Almanac 1936 NZD$5

Wairarapa Telephone Directory, 1950 NZD$7.50

Hawkesbay Telephone Directory, 1942 NZD$7.50

Stones Canterbury, Nelson, Marlborough & Westland Directory, 1926 NZD$10

Historical Records of NZ by R McNabb NZD$10

Colonial Policy of Lord John Russell, 1853 NZD$10

Canterbury Old and New NZD$7.50

Early Wellington NZD$10

Mirikiku NZD$5

Contribution to Early NZ History (Otago Settlement) NZD$7.50

Old Manawatu NZD$7.50

Early Wanganui NZD$7.50

New Plymouth Settlement, 1842-1843 NZD$7.50

Auckland the Capital of NZ NZD$5

Early Rangitikei NZD$7.50

Old Coaching Days in Otago NZD$7.50

Old Westland NZD$7.50

Pioneering in Poverty Bay NZD$7.50

The New Zealand Wars by James Cowan NZD$10

Reminiscences of the War in New Zealand NZD$10

Roll of Honour 1840 to 1903 Defenders of the Empire NZD$10

History of the War in South Africa between the British & Boers NZD$7.50

South Africa & the Transvaal War, 7 Vols NZD$10

WWI Recruitment Lists NZD$20

Historic Trentham NZD$10

NZ Expeditionary Forces Roll of Honour 1914-1918 NZD$10

The Great War- A History of the All European Conflict NZD$15

The NZers at Gallipoli NZD$10

Official History of NZ's Effort in the Great War, France NZD$10

NZers in Sinai & Palestine NZD$10

The War Effort of NZ NZD$10

Official History of the Otago Regiment in the Great War NZD$10

History of the Canterbury Regiment NZD$

WWII Ballot Lists NZD$20

WWII Appointments, Promotions & Transfers NZD$20

NZ Settlers Handbook NZD$7.50

Industries of NZ NZD$10

Sketches of Early Colonisation of NZ  NZD$5

Round About NZ NZD$5

Travel in NZ by James Cowan NZD$10

White Man Treads Across the Pathway of the Maori NZD$7.50

A History of NZ NZD$5

Adventure in NZ NZD$7.50

60 years in NZ NZD$5

Brett's Colonist Guide NZD$10

Index to Letters of Naturalization in NZ NZD$10

Treaty of Waitangi NZD$7.50

NZ Church Messenger, Nelson NZD$7.50

History of the English Church in NZ NZD$7.50

Dunedin Dominican Star NZD$5

History of Presbyterian Church in NZ NZD$7.50

Officiating NZ Ministers NZ$10

Fifty Years Syne NZD$10

Wanganui Collegiate School Register NZD$10

History of Waitaki Boys School NZD$10

Christ College School List NZD$10

Nelson Old Boys Register NZD$10

School List of Nga Tawa, Marton Girls NZD$7.50

White Wings 50 years of Sail in NZ NZD$10

New Zealand Gazettes

NZ Gazette 1860 NZD$10

NZ Gazette 1870 NZD$10

NZ Gazette 1871 NZD$10

NZ Gazette 1873 NZD$10

NZ Gazette 1882 NZD$10

NZ Gazette 1883 NZD$10

NZ Gazette 1884 NZD$10

NZ Gazette 1885 NZD$10

NZ Gazette 1886 NZD$10

NZ Gazette 1887 NZD$10

NZ Gazette 1888 NZD$10

NZ Gazette 1890 NZD$10

NZ Gazette 1891 NZD$10

NZ Gazette 1892 NZD$10

NZ Gazette 1893 N ZD$10

NZ Gazette 1894 NZD$10

Tasmanian Almanac for 1889 NZD$10

Atlas & Cyclopedia of Ireland NZD$10

History of Ireland in 6 Vols NZD$10

History of Scotland from the Earliest TimeNZD$10

Whitakers Almanack for 1929 NZD$10

English Surnames NZD$10

Extinct Baronetcies of England 1838 NZD$10