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Records of Early New Zealand Occupations

New Zealand Bankruptcy Notices

The entries recorded are taken from the New Zealand Gazette, and cover all bankruptcy's for the whole of New Zealand for the year's 1893 to 1904. Price NZD$25

New Zealand Register of Medical Practitioners, 1873, 1882 - 1920

Information in the Register  - Name, Date of Registration, Qualifications and where they received their Qualifications, Their Residence. As the Register covers the years of the Boer War and WWI, it also lists those who were on active service. Price NZD$25

Nurses, Midwives & Maternity Nurses 1905-1933 CD

Nurses Registration Lists 1905 to 1925 
Midwives and Maternity Nurses 1905 to 1933. 
In 1904 the first 'Act' that required Midwives and Maternity nurses to be registered. And in 1908 there was a new 'Act'. 
Information in the Nurses Midwives Register - Name, Date of Registration, Where they Trained, Their Residence. As the Register covers the years during WWI, it also lists those who were on active service 
The Registers have been extracted from the New Zealand Gazettes and are the official Government lists. 
The records have not been transcribed, but are searchable images of the original Registers, produced in PDF and contained on one CD.Price NZD$25

New Zealand Sheep Returns. 1887/1888 and 1889/1890

In 1878 an 'Act' (the sheep act) was passed, that sheep owners in New Zealand furnish returns as to the amount of sheep they had at the 31st of May each year. The returns shows the returns of all the sheep owners in New Zealand, Listing their name, area, county and District.

Price NZD$20

New Zealand Teachers Examinations and Licenses.

Years listed, 1880,1882,1883,1884,1885,1886,1887, 1890 to 1920 inclusive. The lists include the names of those who have passed the teachers examinations, the area they are from. Also lists of those who are licensed to teach, the area of their teaching engagement and their rank in the teaching profession Price NZD$25

New Zealand Civil Service Examination Results

The years listed are: 1880, 1883, 1884, 1885, 1886, 1891, 1893 – 1918 inclusive. This cd includes the names of those taking the examinations for Junior National and Education Board Junior scholarships, and for free places in secondary schools, district high schools, and technical schools. The lists are complete, arranged in alphabetical order of candidates who in the Civil Service Junior and Senior Free Place Examinations who satisfied the pass requirements of one or other examination. Included in the lists are the names of candidates sitting for examination for the following purposes:- (a) For entrance to the Civil Service (order of merit list) -  (b) In competition for Education Board Senior Scholarships. - (C) In qualification for Senior Free Places in Secondary Schools and District High Schools. - (d) For the First Examinations of Pupil-teachers Price NZD$25