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Facsimile Books on New Zealand Military History.


Some Home Truths Re The Maori War 1863 to 1869 on the West Coast of New Zealand. Published in 1901 
by Lieut. Col. Edward Gorton, New Zealand Militia. 
This is written from the personal observation of the author. 
" These facts materially after the impression given by some writers, the the Imperial troops under Lieutenant-General Sir D. A. Cameron, were to blame for many unsatisfactory movements during the war. In my opinion, the sole person who was to blame, and who was the cause of the generally hostile attitude of the Press towards the Imperial troops, was the then Governor, Sir George Grey, who interfered so un warrantably, not only with Sir D.A. Cameron, but also with his successor, Major-General Sir Trevor Chute, that the great wonder is that our troops were as successful as they were. Price NZD$12

Defenders of New Zealand and Maori History of the War. by Thos. Wayth Gudgeon.

first published in 1887. 482pp plus 36pp 
Contains short biographies of Colonists who distinguished themselves during the New Zealand wars, also an alphabetical list of those who earned medals and those who died.Price NZD$45

The Story of Gate Pa, April 29th, 1864. By Captain Gilbert Mair N.Z.C.

This is the story of the Gate Pa battle, fought April 29th, 1864, first published in a Special Issue of the Bay of Plenty Times of June 12th, 1924. A brief history of the Native Tribes of Tauranga, up to the year 1864 and the battles of Gate Pa and Te Ranga, compiled by the late Captain Gilbert Mair from various authentic records, from information derived from Officers and Maori actually engaged, and from his own personal observations. A graphic account of the memorable battle. General Cameron's Despatch to the Governor, Sir George Grey. A Nominal Roll of those Killed and Wounded. Return showing the Native Settlements and Tribes in Tauranga, the number of adult population in each tribe. And the number from each have joined the insurgents at Waikato since the commencement of hostilities. Price NZD$25


New Zealand Settlers and Soldiers or The War in Taranaki, being Incidents in the Life of a Settler

by Rev Thomas Gilbert. First Published in 1861. 
A First hand account of life in Taranaki in the early days and the Appendix contains an outline of the War in Taranaki. 
220pp & 24pp Adverts. Price NZD$25

Roll of Honour 1840 to 1903 Defenders of the Empire, Resident in New Zealand, by the Earl of Ranfurly. 

Facsimile No.9. ISBN 978-0-9941036-4-2
Including a Complete Official Roll New Zealand Contingents. 
FORCES ENROLLED IN NEW ZEALAND,  - First Contingent (Official Roll), - Second Contingent (Official Roll), - Third (Rough Riders) Contingent (Official Roll), - Fourth (Rough Riders) Contingent (Official Roll), - Fifth Contingent (Official Roll), Reserve Men, &c.. (Official Roll), - Sixth Contingent (Official Roll), - Seventh Contingent (Official Roll), - Sixth and Seventh Contingents' Reliefs (Official Roll) , - Seventh Contingent Details (Official Roll), - Eighth Contingent, North Island Regiment (Official Roll), - Eighth Contingent, South Island Regiment (Official Roll), - Ninth Contingent, South Island Regiment (Official Roll), - Ninth Contingent, North Island Regiment (Official Roll), - Seventh, Eighth and Ninth Details (Official Roll), - Tenth Contingent, South Island Regiment (Official Roll), 
Tenth Contingent, North Island ,Regiment (Official Roll) - Details for New Zealand Regiments now serving in South Africa, - LIST OF HONOURS AWARDED, OBITUARY, - SUPPLEMENTARY LIST-Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, and Ninth Details,  - IN MEMORIAM  Price NZD$15

With the Lost Legion in New Zealand by Colonel G. Hamilton-Browne "Maori Browne" Late Commandant in Colonial Forces.

Written as a novel with a man named Burke as the main character (the author did later state that it is based around his experiences) an interesting tale about fighting in the New Zealand Wars. And Browne dedicates the book to all the lost legionnaires whose bones lie buried in forgotten graves in the wild fern ranges and the dense bush of New Zealand, where they fell fighting for Queen and Flag. 
397pp  Price NZD$25

Official Records of the Australian Military Contingents to the War in South Africa.

Official Records of the Australian Military Contingents to the War in South Africa. Compiled and edited for the Department of Defence by Lieut-Colonel. P.L. Murray R.A.A. (Ret.) list all those who enlisted in Australia to fight in the Boer War. They are listed under each State. This is a two volume set. There were also a lot of New Zealander's that signed up under the Australian Contingents, before heading off to South Africa. 607pp  Price NZD$45


The Colonials in South Africa 1899-1902 Their Records, based on the Dispatches. 
by John Stirling, first published in 1907. 
Contents include. - Corps Raised in South Africa - The Canadian Contingents - Lumsden's Horse - Ceylon Mounted Infantry - New Zealand Contingents – New South Wales Contingents - Victorian Contingents - Queensland Contingents - South Australian Contingents - West Australian Contingents - Tasmanian Contingents - The 4th Regiment Imperial Bushmen - Doyle's Scouts - Commonwealth Troops - Intelligence Department - 500pp Price NZD$35


With The Fourth New Zealand Rough Riders

by James G. Harle Moore, 1906, 200pp 
The 4th New Zealand Contingent was one of ten contingents of New Zealand volunteers for service during the Second Boer War. It served from April 1900 through to June 1901. The contingent went from New Zealand to Beira, Portuguese East Africa in the SS Gymeric, though there was a "mutiny" on the Gymeric in Lyttelton Harbour on 27 March 1900 over conditions on board. When they arrived in Beira, part of the contingent was sectioned off to form battery units. 
The contingent took more than two months to reach the front line, travelling via train and on horseback through Rhodesia and Beira. Between August 1900 and May 1901, the contingent fought several small skirmishes against Boer commando's in northern Transvaal. Their most significant action was to seize an artillery unit and a supply column under the command of General de la Rey, capturing 135 Boer soldiers on 24 March 1901. On 28 January 1901, William Hardham was involved in an action that earned him the Victoria Cross, the only one awarded to a New Zealander in that war. 
The Fourth Contingent left South Africa in the SS Tagus in June 1901. 
This story is a personal account by one of the members of the Fourth New Zealand Rough Riders in South Africa. Price NZD$25

On the Anzac Trail Being Extracts from the Diary of a New Zealand Sapper. 
First Published in 1916. 
"This is the story of the Anzacs. It is told by one of the New Zealanders who was with them in Egypt, was present at the landing, and who did his best to uphold the honour of Maoriland in the long and grim battle of the trenches, it is a tale about a man in the ranks, it is told without gloss or varnish. And it is true." Price NZD$29

Historic Trentham

The story of a New Zealand Military Training Camp and some account of the daily rounds of the troops. This book was written with the idea of giving some inkling to the civilian mind of what a soldier's life in a New Zealand training camp was like. Many of the heroes of Gallipoli, France, Mesopotamia and Egypt were trained at Trentham, and the Camp Commandant has witnessed the training at Awapuni and Trentham of men of every draft that has gone overseas. Visitors to the Camp tread where heroes have trod. 
Covering the day to day routine the trainee soldiers went through before they shipped out to WWI. Full of black and white plates of soldiers during training and of camp staff. 
188 pages, 24 leaves of plates Price NZD$30

Featherston Military Training Camp - the record of remarkable achievement.

The work of the camp described and illustrated.
The site of the training camp went from a rock strewn field in a quiet country district to a town in it's own right within a matter of months. Thousands of men passed through the camp and this book was published show the people of New Zealand just how important the Featherston Military Training Camp was in preparing young men for the battle front.
Contains many black & Colour photo's.

1917, 112pp Edited by Sergeant G.L. Stanbrook.

Price NZD$30

New Zealand at the Front

Written and Illustrated in France by Men of the New Zealand Division. First published in 1917. 180pp 
black and white and coloured plates, line drawings and cartoons. Produced, written and illustrated by the men at the front. Price NZD$30

New Zealand Expeditionary Force RECORD of Personal Services During the War. 
of Officers, Nurses and First Class Warrant Officers and other facts relating to the N.Z.E.F. 
Unofficial, but based on Official Records. Compiled by LT. Colonel John Studholme, sometimes A.A.G., N.Z.E.F. 
First Published in 1928 563pp  Price NZD$45



The Great War 1814-1918, New Zealand Expeditionary Forces Roll of Honour. First published in 1924. 
Contents: Section I, List of members of the New Zealand Expeditionary Forces Killed in Action, or died from Wounds inflicted, Accident occurring, or disease contracted while on Active Service. 
Section II, List of those who died after discharge from the New Zealand Expeditionary Forces from Wounds inflicted or Disease contracted while on Active Service. 
Section III, List of those who died from Accident occurring, or Disease contracted, while training with or attached to the New Zealand Expeditionary Forces in New Zealand. 
358pp Price NZD$45