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New Zealand Military CD Books

Reminiscences of the War in New Zealand
by Thomas Gudgeon -
Published in 1879, this book gives a descriptive and thrilling first hand account of the Maori Wars fought throughout New Zealand, as told by Lieutenant Gudgeon. The Appendix holds a list of killed and wounded during the war from 1860 to 1870 inclusive. Price NZD$15

Bush Fighting in New Zealand, by Major-General Sir James Alexander and was first published in 1873.  

"The incidents of the Maori War 1860-1861 were published by me some years ago. The events which occurred were chiefly in Taranaki, were very interesting, subsequent "actions and incidents" were sanguinary and exciting, and afford useful instruction in Bush Fighting, and no other military or naval man had given a detailed account of the last operations in New Zealand, I undertook the task, for I thought that in justice to the forces engaged, Regulars and Colonials, soldiers and sailors, their gallant deeds, their labours and sufferings should be recorded. Thus I have introduced the name of every officer, non-commissioned officer or private, soldier, or seaman I could discover who is mentioned in any dispatch or report of creditable action. I was liberally allowed by the Military and Naval authorities free access to all the documents at the House Guards and Admiralty to the Maori War." Price NZD$15

Narrative of the Late War in New Zealand -
by Lieutenant-Colonel Carey, C.B.    This Book was first published in 1863 and gives a narrative of the events of the New Zealand War 1860-1861 in the Taranaki District so far as the Military operations under Major-General Pratt are concerned. "At  the commencement of the year 1860 the military and naval force in the colony was particularly small: the infantry, by the withdrawal, in October 1858, of the 58th regiment, being reduced to one regiment. The colonists were scattered over the face of the island without the slightest regard, either in the choice of their land, or of sites for their houses, to military or even to mutual defense. The country itself was a network of gullies, ravines, marshes, and impenetrable forest, and except in the neighborhood of the townships, destitute of roads; and even those near towns were hardly better than cart-tracks, impassible in winter."
Price NZD$15


History of the War in South Africa Between the British and the Boers
Containing a thrilling account of the great struggle between the British and the Boers. 
Including the: causes of the conflict; vivid descriptions of fierce battles; superb heroism and daring deeds; narrative of personal adventures; life in camp, field and hospital, ect., ect. Together with the wonderful story of the Transvaal; the Orange Free State; Natal and Cape Colony; the Kaffirs and Zulus; richest gold and diamond mines in the world, ect., ect. Magnificent Galaxy of Phototype and Wood Engravings. Appendix; Australian colonies make a great record in the war. Chapters on the Australian and New Zealand Contingents and the parts they played in the Boer War.Price NZD$15


South Africa and the Transvaal War in Seven Volumes on one CD

Price NZD$25


WWI Recruitment Lists
A List of the men who signed up for the Great war, contains over 110,00 names, addresses and occupations and is divided into the Districts of New Zealand. these lists are taken from the New Zealand Gazettes for the years 1916 to 1918. The lists are contained on 2 searchable CD's
Price NZD$35

The New Zealanders at Gallipoli
This book is volume one in the Official history of New Zealand's part in the Great War series, and contains a detailed account of New Zealand's part in the Gallipoli campaign. Contains black and white photographs throughout. List's the New Zealanders decorated and mentioned in Despatches. Lists the place names of Anzac, with a brief description, and also a day by day Gallipoli Diary.Price NZD$20


Official History of New Zealand’s Effort on the Great war Vol.II France.
By Col. H. Stuart. C.M.G., D.S.O., M.C. (late commander 2nd Bat. Canterbury Regiment)
After the evacuation of Gallipoli, the New Zealand Division was ordered to France and arrived in April, 1916.
At the time both sides were involved in trench warfare. The British, in conjunction with the French, attacked during the autumn on the Somme. The enemy was not sufficiently reduced in numbers, armament or moral for a decision to be obtained. It was not then considered justifiable to attack at various periods on several portions of the front. Communication had not been sufficiently perfected, nor was the artillery considered adequate.
In 1817 the British plan was more ambitious. The Arras offensive in April was succeeded by the attack on Messines Ridge, afterwards by the Ypres offensive in July, and later, in November, by the Cambrai attack supported by tanks. In each case, however the attack definitely ceased before being undertaken elsewhere.
During these periods the New Zealand Division made several gallant attacks, but were not able to make their individuality properly felt until 1918 when the New Zealand Division joined the I.V. Corps, at the critical time in March, when it completely checked the enemy’s advance at Beaumont-Hammel and Colincamps, and closed the gap between the IV. and V. Corps
In the great attack which commenced in August, 1918 the New Zealand Division played a most brilliant in the operations on the IV Corps front. Its efforts were crowned with almost continuous success.
Price NZD$20


New Zealander's in Sinai & Palestine
By Lieut.Col. C. Guy Powles C.M.G., D.S.O. This is the 3rd volume in the Official History of New Zealands Effort in the Great War, Series. On December 26th, 1915, 63 officers and 1329 other ranks arrived at Alexandria from Gallipoli, under the command of Brigadier-General E. W. C. Chaytor, C.B., and travelled by rail to Cairo, and returned to their old camp at Zeitoun, where the horses had been kept in the best condition by a devoted band of transport drivers and reinforcements, assisted by native labour.                           
The N.Z.M.R. Brigade was composed of three Mounted Rifles Regiments. The Auckland Regiment, the Wellington Regiment, and the Canterbury Regiment. The Otago Mounted Rifles were not with the Brigade during the Sinai and Palestine campaigns. Each regiment was composed of three squadrons; and each of these squadrons was recruited from a regiment of Mounted Rifles in New Zealand; and the squadron bore the name of that regiment in New Zealand. So the Auckland Regiment consisted of the 3rd, 4th and 11th Squadrons coming from their parent regiments, 3rd (Auckland) Mounted rifles, 4th (Waikato) Mounted Rifles, 11th (North Auckland) Mounted rifles. The Wellington Regiment was composed of the 2nd, 6th and 9th Squadrons coming from Queen Alexandra's 2nd (Wellington West Coast) Mounted Rifles, 6th (Manawatu) Mounted Rifles, and the 9th (Wellington East Coast) Mounted Rifles. And the Canterbury Regiment consisted of the 1st, the 8th and the 10th Squadrons, from their parent regiments the 1st Mounted Rifles (Canterbury Yeomanry Cavalry) the 8th (South Canterbury) Mounted rifles, and the 10th (Nelson) Mounted Rifles. From this is seen that each of the three military districts, Auckland, Wellington and Canterbury, founded one Regiment.......
Price NZD$25


The War Effort of New Zealand.
A Popular History of: (a) Minor Campaigns in which New Zealand took part: (b) Services not fully dealt with in the Campaign Volumes: (c) The Work at the Bases. NZD$20


Official History of the Otago Regiment in the Great War
Details of the Otago and Southland Regiment's involvement in the battles at Anzac and Helles, Gallipoli Peninsula, Armentieres, the Somme, Messines, Passchendale, Picardy, Bapaume, Mormal Forest, the Battle fields of France and Flanders. Included is a list of Honours and Awards won by members of the Otago Regiment in the Great War. Victoria Cross, Companion of St. Michael and St. George, Distinguished Service Order, Order of the British Empire, Bar to the Military Cross, Military Cross, Distinguished Conduct Medal, Bar to Military medal, Military Medal, Mentioned in Despatches, and foreign decorations
Price NZD$25


The History of the Canterbury Regiment N.Z.E.F. 1914 - 1919
by Captain David Ferguson, M.C.

Armageddon or Calvary by H.E. Holland, M.P. - the Conscientious Objectors of New Zealand and "The Process of their Conversion." Published in 1919.  "This book was published to have a three-fold purpose, it was written to turn the searchlight of publicity on a policy which had we been wise, should never have been written into the Statutes of this country; secondly, to make known some of the shocking experiences the men of conscience were called upon to undergo and the terrible price they paid for their crime of holding conscientious objections to the military service; and finally to make it impossible for such a stupendous wrong to ever sully the annals of this country with the record of atrociousness." Price NZD$25


New Zealand Expeditionary Force War Diary (Europe) 1914 -

Government Printer, 1915. 
448 pages of valuable information about our New Zealand Troops and the part they played in the Great War, Europe, 1914. ISBN - 978-0-9941036-6-6
Includes a Nominal Roll, lists of the invalided, casualties, staff and those men who were invalided back to New Zealand. PriceNZD$25

WWII Ballot Lists - Notice as to Men called up under the National Service Emergency Regulations 1940 for Service with the Territorial Force.

A two Cd Set containing over 310.000 names, addresses and occupations of the men who were called to service during World War 2. These lists also include a considerable number of men who volunteered for overseas service, and also includes the names of some men who were already serving in Home Defence Units. The Cd's are searchable.

Price NZD$35

WWII Appointments, Promotions, Transfers and Resignations of Officers of the New Zealand Military Forces. 1939 to 1945 inclusive.

Extracted from the New Zealand Gazette, this searchable cd shows the movements through the ranks of the New Zealand Expeditionary Forces during WWII. Includes records from Army, Royal New Zealand Air force, Royal New Zealand Navy. A great companion cd with the WWII Ballot Lists.

Price NZD$25