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Facsimile Books on Localised New Zealand History.


History of the Early Gold Discoveries in Otago, by Vincent Pyke, M.H.R. Late Warden and Otago Goldfields Secretary, first published in 1887.
Facsimile No. 4. 151pp ISBN 978-0-9922573-9-2
A good insight into the early days of the Otago Goldfields. Written from the authors personal experience after exceptance of office in early 1862. 
Chapter Titles - Early Settlers - The Chief Surveyors Report - The Interior of Otago - Letters about Gabriel Gully - Black Peter - Read as a Prospector - First Export - Dunstan Creek - Small Discoveries - Hartley and Reilly's Account of their Discoveries - Moke and Moonlight 
Additional Chapters - Black Peter's First Mate - Episode of the Dunstan Rush - How Fox was Found. 
Appendices -A. Maori Names for Gold - B. Gabriel Read's Narrative - C. Waipori Bush Reserve - D. Hartley's Victorian Miner - E. Official Report - F. Jackson's Bay - G. Water Races at Blue Spur - H. Blue Spur - I. Snow Poles - K. The First Mining Conference - L. Nuggets - M. Agricultural Settlements - N. West Coast Exploration. 
Illustrations - Gabriel's Gully in 1862 - Vincent Pyke - Major Richardson - Gabriel Read - Captain Baldwin - Black Peter - Members of First Mining Conference. The Emmigrants Prospects. Price NZD$25
Rambles on the Golden Coast of New Zealand, or the South Island of New Zealand, published in 1886, 176pp. illustrated. by R. C. Reid Facsimile No.5. ISBN 978-0-9941036-0-4
Written about the West Coast of the South Island. Chapters Include. - The earliest days - before the gold - Early Explorers - The West Coast Sounds - Martin's Bay 
Lake M'Kerrow - The first of the rush - The Mohikinui, Karamea, and Northward - Westport, Buller, and Mount Rochfort - The Hokitika and Christchurch Road - Bruce Bay, Paringa, Abbey Rocks, Okura, Waitoto and Jackson's Bay - Mount Rangitoto - a search for silver - Governors' visit - Westport to Nelson overland - The Francis Joseph Glacier - Westport Industries - The Reefton Mines - West Coast Ferns - West Coast Fish - Price NZD$32 
The Old Frontier by James Cowan first printed in 1922. 104pp
Facsimile No.6. ISBN 978-0-9941036-1-1
Te Awamutu - The Story of the Waipa Valley.
Chapters include:- Topographical and Legendary - The Missionary Era - Plough and Flourmill - The Golden Age before the War - John Gorst at Te Awamutu - The Waikato War - The Capture of Rangiaowhia - The Engagement at Hairini - The Invasion of Kihikihi - The Battle of Orakau
Camp Life at Te Awamutu - Pioneer Life on the Old Frontier - Kiharoa the Giant. Price NZD$25
Letters From Canterbury by Robert Bateman Paul, Archdeacon of Waimea. First Published in 1857 
Facsimile No.7. ISBN 978-0-9941036-2-8
Contains information on the early settlement of Canterbury, the landing of the first colonists at Lyttelton, Public works at Lyttelton, Christchurch and in the rural districts, Canterbury proclaimed one of the six provinces of New Zealand, A Settlement founded at Kaiapoi, Emigration agent dispatched to England, Census of 1854, Slight shock of earthquake, extensive sheep robbery, the Character of Colonial Society, rapid rise of the industrious working man, What sort of persons should emigrate, Advice to intending settlers, Hints for the voyage, Climate, Boundaries of the Provinces, The Church of England in Canterbury, Sheep farming. 
A- a narrative of overland journeys from Nelson to Christchurch.  B- Census of 1854  C- A table of Exports during the year, Account of Immigration.  D- a Sermon 
E- Appeal on behalf of Christ's College  F- Lists of Occupiers of Runs  - Map. Price NZD$22

Frontier Life, Taranaki, New Zealand by Edwin Stanley Brookes, J.P. Formerly Government Staff Surveyor, Taranaki.

- With Maps and Sketches. First Published 1892, 204pp Facsimile No.8. ISBN 978-0-9941036-3-5
Records his life as an early settler and surveyor. Chapters include: - From Auckland to New Plymouth - Forrest Settlement - Surveys and Local Government - Temperance and Intemperance - Episode and Willpower - The Native Problem Solved - The Death Trap on the Plains - Mount Egmont - The Maori and Whence they came - Relics of the Tainui - The Tainui and Te Aria - The Arrival of Maori - Survey Camp Life - Native Tragedy and Gold Romance - The White Cliffs - Camp Life, Pukearuhe – Exploring - A Terrible Christmas Eve – Mokau - Awakino, Auckland - Snapshots of our Flag. Price NZD$30

Early Otago and Some of it's Notable Men, Published in 1907. 

"The founders of Otago, as a rule, were men of large faith, bold enterprise, and indomitable energy, of good education, clear inteligence, and sound religious convictions; and for many years, up to the period when the discovery of gold marked a new epoch in the history of the Colony, the great body of immigrants were well up to the required standard." 
This book tells of the Founders of Otago, and through the years of development in Otago, the men who made their mark. Price NZD$25
Colonial Experiences by Alexander Bathgate.

Or Sketches of People and Places in the Province of Otago, New Zealand. First published in 1874. 
Contents include Colonial Experiences in Dunedin, old Identities, what induced people to emigrate, Local Industries, Life in the Goldfields, Diggers Yarns, Up the Shotover, the Chinese, young New Zealand and Education, Cockatoos and Squatters, the Adjacent Islands, Other Provinces & Politics and Statistics.  Price NZD$26

Old Coaching Days in Otago & Southland

by E.M. Lovell-Smith, tells the story of early coach travel in Otago and Southland, and the people who played a part. Contains many pen and ink drawings by the author and pages of old photos of the coaches hotels and portraits. There is a list of all of the early drivers and many anecdotes of early overland travel. Chapters include 1.The Rise of Cobb and Co. 2.Cobb and Co. come to New Zealand. 3.Cobb and Co. in Otago. 4.The Old Dunstan Road. 5.The Great South Road in Otago. 6. The North Road, Otago. 7.The Naseby Road. 8.The Dunstan-Queenstown Road. 9.The Road From Lawrence to Clyde. 10.Cobb and Co. come to Invercargill. 11.The Riverton Road. 12.The Lake Road - From Invercargill to Kingston - Te Anau Road - Switzers Road. 13.The Balclutha-Invercargill Road - Tapanui Line. Price NZD$25

Canterbury Old and New

Written as a souvenir of the Jubilee.  Contents include:The Story of the "Pilgrim Fathers" of New Zealand, Peninsula and Plain, The Sumner Road, Canterbury Settlement, Reminiscences of Early Days, Escapades of Mackenzie - meeting of Bishops Selwyn and Harper., Sheep-driving in the Early Days, South Canterbury, The Maori Origin, Life and Legends, Historic Outline of the Canterbury Maoris, Notes on Maori Art, Plants and Animals of Canterbury, A Glimpse into the Alps of Canterbury. Price NZD$22

Old Westland by E. Iveagh Lord

The Story of the Golden West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand. Known to the Maori as Te Wai Pounamu (The Waters (or place) of Greenstone) 
Old Westland is a Centennial Memorial sponsored by the Westland Provincial Organisation, and approved by the National Centennial Council, Wellington, New Zealand. 
Price NZD26

The King Country or Explorations in New Zealand,

A narrative of 600 miles of travel through New Zealand, by J.H. Kerry-Nicholls. First published in 1884. 379pp and 32pp listing other publications. 
Contents include: The Frontier of the King Country, the King's camp, The Korero, Ascent of Pironga, The Lake Country, Auckland to Ohinemutu, Hot Spring life, Tradition, Idolatry, and Romance, En Route to the Terrace, Ohinemutu to Wairakei, Exploration of the King Country, Region of Lake Taupo, the shores of Lake Taupo, Tokanu, The Rangipo Table Land, Ascent of Tongariro, Ascent of Ruapehu, The Kaimanawa Mountains, Sources of the Wangaehu and Waikato Rivers, Karioi, Forest Country, Ruakaka, Ngatokorua Pa, Hot Springs of Tongariro, The Northern Tableland, The Aukati Line. Appendix: Potatau II, Major Te Wheoro M.H.R., List of New Zealand Tribes, with their localities. The Flora, The Fauna, The Maori Language. Illustrated. Price NZD$35

Kaipara or Experiences of a Settler in North New Zealand, written and illustrated by P.W. Barlow. 219pp
Contents : Our Arrival in the New Country - An Auckland Table-D Hote - A Chat About Auckland - First Railway Journey - Living in New Zealand - A Perilous Journey - The "Terror" - A Sale by Auction - The Faithless Mary Ann - Introduction to Kaipara - A Wild Pig Hunt - Purchasing Live-Stock - A Colonial Ball 
The Forests of North New Zealand - The Labouring-Man Settler - Kaipara Fish - Godwit Shooting - The Kauri Gumdigger - A Story of Bushranger - Sports - System of Education in New Zealand - A Meeting of the County Council – Conclusion. Price NZD$25


Early Days in Whanganui (1840-1850) by L.J.B. Chapple, B.A., B. Com. and Cranleigh Barton, LL.B. 
Dedicated to the Bishop of Ao-Tea-Roa. First Published in 1930. Early Missionary Work in Whanganui. 
An interesting little book about the church's role in the settlement of New Zealand, in particular the missionaries of the Putiki-Whanganui Station, Lists the Missionaries who were in charge of the station.  Price NZD$12


Interesting chapters From the Early History of Wanganui, 1847 and Wanganui in 1856 
A rare and interesting book, that tells of the early history of Wanganui and the early settlers that instigated the building of a town. The battles that were fought against the Maori, the descriptions of the violent dealings during these times have been recorded from the survivors that were resident at the time. Price NZD$15


One Generation to Another - The Story of the Church in the Kiwitea since the early 1880's, by John Frederick Mayo.  First published in 1956, the author having passed away before the book came to print. 412pp  A great local history of the Kiwitea, centred around the churches and the families in the area. 
Tells of the pioneering days, the church comes to the New Settlement, Kiwitea under its first Vicar. Fabulous genealogical material for the families of the area. Price NZD$35