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Intersting Facsimile Books on New Zealand History.


Memories of New Zealand Life By Edwin Hodder, originally published in 1862. 232pp

"Although many volumes have been written upon New Zealand, there are few which give a homely account of the place and people. 
The design of this book is to give a glimpse at the social life and simple unsophisticated pleasures enjoyed by the settlers in the far off land." It tells of the four month trip out on board the "John Blank." Arrival at Nelson, Colonial Society, Six weeks at the Diggings, A trip to Wellington and the Taranaki Wars. Price NZD$25


The Six Colonies of New Zealand by William Fox

First Published in 1851, 168pp. Contains descriptive and statistical of the Islands, The separate Colonies. The Pensioner Villages. The Natives, the Government. 
This is a facsimile of the original book.n Price NZD$15


New Zealand Past and Present by the Rev. James Buller,

First published in 1880. 202pp  Chapters include: The Country - Situation, Auckland, Tongariro, earthquakes, Southern Alps, Harbours, rivers and lakes, hot springs, geysers, sanitarium, climate, seasons, animal life, reptiles, insects, birds, forests, gum, flax, fruits, minerals. 
The Aborigines - Origin, Kupe, pedigree, number, decrease, physiology, tatoo, language, poetry, mythology, Tapu, morals, domestic life, Government, games, employment, canoes, garments, tools, cooking, fishing, fortification, houses, wars, cannabilism, capacity, present condition. 
The Missionaries - Samuel Marsden, tuatara, Boyd, the Messrs Hall and Kendall, flour-mill, Marsden first visit, purchase of land, Samuel Leigh, Butler, Wesley Dale, Mr. Stack, Brampton, H. Williams, Turner andd Hobbs, Mission Staff, Tyermann and Bennett, trials of missionaries, destruction of Wesley Dale, Mangungu, first convert, Hongi's death, Waima, native martyrs, spread of christianity, effects of colonization. 
The Colony - Captain Cook, Herd's expedition, British Resident, Kororareka, irregular colonization, New Zealand Company, Captain Hobson, Waitangi Treaty, Auckland, Mr. Shortland, Wairau massacre, Captain Fitzroy, Heke's War, Governor Grey, Colonel Wynyard, Rawiri killed, Colonel Browne, War at Taranaki, Sir James Fergusson, Marquis of Normanby, Sir Hercules Robinson. 
Te Progress of the Colony - 
The Chief Towns and Districts - The Provinces, their abrogation, Port Chalmers, Dunedin, Christchurch, Westland, Invercargill, Lyttelton, Wellington, Wanganui, Taupo, Picton, Nelson, New Plymouth, Onehunga, Auckland, Waikato, Thames, Kaipara, Hokitika, Wangarei, Bay of Islands, Tauranga, Ohenimutu, Rotomahana, Taupo, Napier. 
The Land Laws and Regulations - Treaty of Waitangi, land purchased by the Government, Old Provincial régeme. Price NZD$25


Adrift in New Zealand by E. Way Elkington, first published in 1906. 
A Personal account of seven years residence in New Zealand. 276pp. Price NZD$25


Sixty Years in New Zealand

Published in 1909 by Gordon and Gotch Sixty Years in New Zealand is dedicated to the memory of Sir Donald Mclean. 
Includes a lot of material concerning Maori and especially the Land wars or New Zealand Wars, with a chapter focusing on "The Hau Hau Outbreak". 
There are chapters on specific Maori leaders, Te Kooti and Rewi Maniopoto, as well as one chapter on "The Savages of Otaki". Other chapters include a description of a pig hunt "in the early days" and early days in Napier.  Price NZD$20

Who's Who in New Zealand and the Western Pacific 1908 

This is the first issue of 'Who's Who in New Zealand'. 
Contents: Official List, Governor, Ministry, Legislative Council, House of Representatives, Maori Members and King's Counsellors, an Army List for each of the districts of New Zealand, and contains the biographies of many of the colonists who made their mark on early New Zealand.  Price $25


Letters from Settlers & Labouring Emigrants in the New Zealand Company.

Settlements of Wellington, Nelson & New Plymouth from February 1842 to January 1843.  First published in 1843, 211pp 
A Collection of letters by early settlers that give good insight into the conditions they found arriving on New Zealand shores and how they established themselves. Price NZD$25


An Account of Settlements of the New Zealand Company by the Hon. Henry William Petre, 97pp, 1841 

Chapters include: - Expedition and Settlement of the First Colony. - Recent Progress of the Company's Settlements. - Difficulties overcome by the Colonists. - Soil, Climate, and Productions. - Prospects of the Colony.  Price NZD$12


Notes on Early Life in New Zealand by George Clarke (Chancellor of the University of Tasmania) 
published in 1903. 106pp  Preface - This little book is personal and provisional. These notes on an early chapter of my life were written for the information of family and friends and were not intended for publication. They are however, charged with the historical element, from one who was not only behind those early scenes but took an active part in them. Price NZD$15


Old England and New Zealand by Alfred Simmons. 

The Government, Laws, Churches, Public Institutions and the Resources of New Zealand. Popularly and Critically compared with those of the Old Country. with an historical sketch of the Maori Race. To which are added extracts from the authors diary of his voyage to New Zealand in company with 500 emigrants. 
There was originally a foldout map of New Zealand in this book, unfortunately the map in the book I have was too damaged to copy and is not included. First published in 1879 
143pp. Price NZD$15


Maoriland an Illustrated Handbook to New Zealand issued by the Union Steam Ship Company of New Zealand, first published in 1884. 355pp plus many pages of interesting advertisements at the front and back of the book. Contains maps and black and white plates. 
Gives a description of all the places around New Zealand of interest to travellers from Bluff to the Bay of Islands. Price NZD$35


Sport in New Zealand, by Lieut. Col. Montagu Cradock. First published in 1904.

Written on the long voyage back to England after two year stay in New Zealand till 1898, the book was not published until 1904 due to the Boer War. The author had an innate love of sport, and has written this book on deer hunting, pig hunting, shooting of wild fowl, fishing in the rivers and sea, Racing and Steeplechasing. Set all around New Zealand he gives an account of the scenery and terrain. 283pp. Price NZD$25


Annals of the Diocese of New Zealand, first published 1856, 
printed for the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge. 247pp 
Contents include: - From the first planting of Christianity in New Zealand, by the Rev. S. Marsden, in 1814, to the close of the year 1830. - From the year 1841 to May, 1842 when the first Bishop of New Zealand arrive in his Diocese. - From June 1842 to March 1843 containing an account of the Bishop of New Zealand's visitation tour of the Northern Island and of his visits to Nelson, Wellington and New Plymouth. - From March 1843 to the close of the year. - The Bishop's visit to the Southern Island from January to March 1844. - From March 1844 to March 1845, including the Bishop's narrative of the affray at Kororareka - From May 1845 to the close of the year 1846 - State of the Mission 1845-6 - Recent Accounts from the missions, description of St. John's College, Auckland. Price NZD$30


Men of Mark in New Zealand first published in 1886. Edited by Alfred Cox. 237pp 
Biographical notices of men who have distinguished themselves, politically, officially or as enterprising and energetic colonists in New Zealand. In this attempt to place on record the acquirements and services of conspicuous men, past and present, connected with the history of New Zealand. The object of the author is to put forth a sober chronicle of facts and to make up a roll of the men who have made their mark as colonists. 
In the old world there are standard works in which are recorded the names, titles and achievements of men of birth and of wealth inherited. in this work it is undertaken to record the men who urged on by the spirit of self-reliance have faced and conquered obstacles; of men who, in some form or other have contributed to the history of their adopted land. NZD$25

First Gold Discoveries in New Zealand by R.A. Loughan. 

Published in 1906, Reprinted from the New Zealand Mines Records, 110pp. Information about the: - Coromandel Goldfield - Nelson Goldfield - Westland Goldfield, Buller and Grey - Otago Goldfield - Westland Goldfield, Grey, Hokitika, and South - Marlborough Goldfield - Auckland Goldfield, Coromandel, Thames, and Ohinemuri - Auckland Goldfield, The Discovery of the Waihi Mine. Price NZD$12


White Wings

Volume one: Fifty Years of Sail in the New Zealand Trade, 1850 to 1900.

Volume two: Founding of the Provinces and Old Time Shipping, Passenger Ships from 1840 to 1885

After the publication of the first volume of "White Wings" the author Sir Henry Brett had so many enquiries concerning vessels that he had not referred to, that he felt compelled to delve still further into the records of the past, and deal as comprehensively as possible with the sailing ships up to the year 1885, which was about the time people forsook sail for steam when voyaging to an fro from the colonies.

The volumes have pictures and descriptions of hundreds of ships that sailed into New Zealand waters during those early days. There are also articles on how many of the ships came to their end on the long trip. There are exerts from the diaries of some early settlers. In volume two is the history of the provinces along with some passenger lists of the first settlers

Price NZD$45

The Boy Colonists or Eight Years of Colonial Life in Otago, New Zealand. By Rev Simeon Elwell and first published in 1878.
258pp. On the twelfth of June, 1859, two boys aged respectively 17 and 16 embarked at Gravesend on the good ship C. bound for New Zealand. The ship was bound for Lyttleton, but an arrangement had been made with the Company that, if possible, the captain should land them at Port Chalmers, or Oamaru: for they were going to be under the care of an old colonist, who held a sheep run in the province.Taken from a diary, the names are nearly all real and the facts are related in order they occurred. This book was written to inform those back home of the real nature of Colonial life in the early days in the settlement of Otago. Price NZD$21