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My Family Tree Workbook. 
A six generation genealogy workbook for you to fill in. 
Contains : A 6 Generation Pedigree Chart 
6 Family Record Pages each followed by 8 Individual Work Sheets for more detailed information on each of the children. 
Each section has a page for Notes to enter extra information on each family. 
A Birth/Christening Register 
A Marriage Register 
A Death Register 
A Generation Chart to help work out the relationship between the people in your family tree. 
A Family Relationship Chart 
At the rear of the book there is a fold out 6 Generation A3 Bowtie Tree for you to fill in.                                            

Price NZD$15

Genealogy Research Notebook,

This notebook is set out to help you record the information you find at the archives and research centres. Each page is set out with a list of  the main points of research with a space for you to record what you find, no more exercise books and pieces of paper and because of the list for you to follow it also helps to keep you focused. It contains page to make entries for 50 people and on the back of each page is room for you to make notes.

Price NZD$7.50

We all have a family story and every story is unique. Each story has contributed to the make up of the family that we have today. Understanding our family and where we came from will help our children and grandchildren to have a sense of identity, to know they are part of a bigger picture, a bigger family. Today with our busy lives, we have lost so many of the family connections that were taken for granted by previous generations. Families have become fragmented and the close bonds with people apart from our immediate family have been lost in many cases. This little book is to start young children on the exciting path of discovering their family. to make the connections with generations past that have shaped who they are today.

This is a genealogy book for primary school children to fill in. It is set with colourful pages and simple questions and places to paste in photo's of family members.

This book just goes to the level of the childs grandparents and includes uncles and aunts to give young children an idea of the hierarchy of their family. Includes a colourful Family Tree at the rear of the book and is a great project for Grandparents to work with their Grandchildren on.

Price NZD$15

Childrens Genealogy Photobook to fill in. No.1.

This book goes to Great Grandparents and includes Uncles and Aunts, it is a simple book and has boxes to paste photo's of family members. As children form their family tree they are given an explaination of Paternal and Maternal family. At the rear of the book there is a fold out ancestry chart to fill in up to Great Grandparents.

Price NZD$15