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Wises 1912 Directory to Every Place in New Zealand J


JACKEY TOWN. See Palmerston North.
JACKS CROSSING. Settlement 3 m. from Winton.
JACKS HILL. 6 m from Fortrose.
JACKS PASS, near Hanmer Plains.
JACKS POINT. 3 in south of Timaru, with lighthouse.
JACKS RIVER. Another name for Aparima River
JACKSON HEAD. At entrance to Queen Charlotte Sound.
JACKSON'S, Westland. On the Teremakau River; 40 miles south-east from Greymouth by rail; in Westland County. Christchurch coaches pass here Wednesday and Friday at 10.30 a.m. from Christchurch, and on Tuesday and Thursday at 3.30 p.m. from Kumara, Kaka and pigeon shooting. Roads are fair. Three hotels, also post and telephone office. Named after the first settler. Nearest doctor at
Kumara. 25 m.
JACKSON'S BAY, Westland. A small sheep-farming settle­ment ; on south-west coast. 203 m from Hokitika. There is horse route overland, or via Haast Pass to Lake Wanaka, thence to Pembroke 85 miles, or by steamer from Hokitika, 180 miles, every two months. The settlement is situated on the banks of the Arawata, River, which empties itself into Jackson's Bay, one of the finest bays on the West Coast. Good shooting going across the range to Lake Wanaka, and also at the head of the Cascade River the scenery is perfect. Post office for this place is Rotomana, which also see.
JACKSON'S BAY. In Cabbage Bay, south of Cape Colville.
JACOB'S RIVER, 20 miles west of New River. See Aparima.
JACOBSTOWN. Suburb of Gore.
JAMES MOUNT (6898ft). East of Kingston.
JAMESTOWN. See Martins Bay.
JAM RIVER. Kaikoura district.
JANE MOUNT (6650ft). At head of Locky River.
JEANETTE LAKE. Also called Mount Grey Lake.
JED RIVER. In Cheviot district.
JERICHO. See Pukekohe East
JERNINGHAM POINT. Entrance to Evans Bay. Wellington Harbour.
JERUSALEM, Wellington. Is the largest Maori settlement on the Wanganui River, also the headquarters of the Catholic Maori Up-river Mission Establishment. The whole European population is very small, as the surrounding country is still in the hands of the natives. The country itself is wild and broken. The climate mild, and fruit plentiful. The Wanganui River steamers arrive here Tuesdays, Thurs­days, and Saturdays, en route Pipiriki, and arrive from Pipiriki Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, en route Wanganui, 50 miles; fare, 12s 6d. A post office. In Waimarino County; 50 miles north by steamer from Wanganui as above. So named by one of the missionaries (Rev. Mr Taylor), who gave Biblical names to many places. Nearest telephone Pipiriki, 7 m. Potatoes largely cultivated by the Natives; also Indian corn and wheat. Flax plaiting is a great industrj1, the Maori women making mats, kite, and fancy baskets. Much valuable laud in idleness, but the leasing of it is being considered by the Native Land Court. Nearest doctor at Raetihi, 25 miles.
JERVOISTON. See Green Meadows.
JOHNSONVILLE, Wellington. Six miles west by rail from Wellington. On Manawatu line. In Hutt County. Three stores, fellmongery, etc: private hotel; board may be arranged for. Post, tele­graph, money order, and savings bank office here. Population 900. No-license district. Town board district, named after one of the first settlers. Paparangi and Newlands are residential portions of Johnsonville
JOHNSTONE, Otago. A railway siding 50 miles from Dunedin. On the Milton-Lawrence line. Waitahuna is nearest post office, which see. Named after surveyor Johnstone.
JOLLIE MOUNT (7232ft), near Ashburton.
JOLLIE'S PASS. See Hanmer Plains. Named after Mr E. Jollie, an early Canterbury surveyor.
JOLLIFFETOWN. Local designation of Blackball mine.
JONES FLAT. Opposite Still water.
JONES HILL. Near Lake Haupiri.
JORDAN. See Hikurangi.
JORDAN, Blenheim. Accommodation house, with post and tele­phone. 35 miles south from Blenheim, on Upper Awatere, which is bridged at this point, 20 miles from Gladstone.
JORDAN RIVER. Falls into sea near Karamea.
JORDY ROCKS, Tory Channel.
JOSEPHVILLE, Southland. A railway siding 45 miles from Invercargill. On the Invercargill-Kingston line. Caroline, four miles distant, is nearest post office, which see.
JUDGEFORD, Wellington. A sheep-farming settlement, 23 miles north from Wellington. Rail to Paremata, then 6 m coach (Is 6d re­turn). In Hutt County. Ride, drive, or cycle 6 m to Paremata on Mana­watu line, or same distance to Hayward's station on Wellington-Napier line. Roads good to cycle or drive. Two and a-half miles to Pahautanui Bay, part of Porirua Harbour, and where the N.Z. Oyster Co.'s oyster beds are situate. Fishing good in bay and most of streams; trout fishing in Wainui River; on the bay, ducks and swans. Quail, pheasants, and hares over the whole district. Pigeons very scarce, as the bush is fast vanishing. Telephone Pahautanui, 3 in. Named after Judge, early settler. Dairying carried on and has a creamery.
JUNCTION ISLANDS. Off Great Barrier Island (3 in number).