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Wises 1912 Directory to Every Place in New Zealand E


EALING, Canterbury. 72 miles south by rail from Christchurch. The surrounding district is agricultural and pastoral. In Ashburton County, and has post and telegraph office. Rabbit shooting and trout fishing close at hand. Is situated on the north bank of the Rangitata River, and named by early settler after Baling in England. Nearest doctor is at Geraldine. 12 m.
ERNSCLEUGH. See Alexandra.
EARNSLAW MOUNT (9250ft), between Dart and Rees rivers, head of Lake Wakatipu.
EARTHQUAKE FLAT. 12 m S. of Rotorua.
EAST BAY. See Queen Charlotte Sound.
EASTBOURNE. A borough, proclaimed by special legislation. The Municipal Corporations Act provides for a population of 1000 before a borough can be proclaimed. Eastbourne, however, by special legislation, became a municipality with a much less resident popula­tion. It is 6 in from Wellington by steamer to Day's Bay, East­bourne, being on the south side of the bay. This place was known as Muritai, but its name was changed when the settlement was formed into a borough. Is situated on the eastern side of Wellington har­bour and a ferry service with the city of Wellington is maintained daily. Has a fluctuating population, from 500 in winter to over 1000 in summer, and is a favourite seaside resort. Good safe beach and recreation reserve. Has a post, telephone, money order office, savings Lank, and stores. Roads fair for cycling. See also Day's Bay.
EASTBROOK. See Wanganui.
EAST CAPE. named by Captain Cook on his first voyage in 1769. Is the most easterly point of New Zealand. Very mountainous lid of a white clayey sand; Hikurangi, snow-capped mountain ,5606 feet). 27 miles to south-west, visible. Telephone.
EAST CHATTON, Southland. 46 miles from Invercargill. Train to Gore, then horse 10 miles; in Southland County. The surrounding country is purely agricultural. Post office, but telegraph office at Gore. Three miles fvom Waikaka Stream, and 5 miles from Mataura River. Being destitute of bush, there is no shooting. The numerous dredges on the Waikaka have rendered the water too muddy for success­ful angling, but the Mataura has not this objection, and it is a good trout fishing locality. Nearest doctor at Gore.
EAST FOREST HILL. See Forest Hill.
EAST HAMILTON. See Kirikiriroa.
EAST HEAD. Easterly point Banks Peninsula, near Okains Bay.
EAST INVERCARGILL. Suburb of Invercargill.
EAST ISLAND, Auckland. A small island with a lighthouse, situated north-east of Gisborne, on the most eastern portion of New Zealand, with telephone to Gisborne. Is 416ft high and 1 m E. of East Cape, with signal stations connected by telegraph.
EAST MALVERN. See Annat and Waddington.
EAST OXFORD. See Oxford.
EAST PEAK. 4 m from Gore.
EAST PUKEKOHE. See Pukekohe East.
EAST TAIERI. On Taieri Plains, Otago. A dairy-farming settle­ment and postal district; 10 miles south-east from Dunedin and one mile and a-half from Mosgiel railway station. No hotel; private board 30s per week. Good level roads. . Post office and telephone. Dairy factory and store. Doctor at Mosgiel, 2 miles.
EAST TAKAKA. See Takaka.
EAST TAMAKI, Auckland. 15 miles south by 'bus from Auckland; in Manukau County. The surrounding district is an agricul­tural and dairy farming one. Has a dairy factory and post and telephone. Doctor at Otahuhu, 4 m.
EASTERN BUSH, Southland. 53 miles west from Invercargill. Rail to Otautau (stay over night), thence 21 miles by mail cart Saturday and Wednesday, returning Monday and Wednesday; fare, 5s. Sheep and mixed farming. Small settlement. Dairy factory and flaxmill. Good fishing in Orawia and Waiau Rivers, four miles away. Bad roads for cycling. Mr Percy Smith, late surveyor-general, says the scenery here of its kind is unsurpassed in the colony for grandeur. The situation of the place is between the two above-named rivers, and there are the celebrated Waiau Caves within one and a-half miles. Post office and telephone. Nearest doctor at Otautau. 21 miles.
EASTOWN. A small residential suburb of about 120 residents; 2 m from Wanganui and Aramoho, which see. Telephone and post office.
EASY HARBOUR. West coast of Stewart Island.
EDENDALE, Otago. A dairying and fanning district, 23 miles north-east from Invercargill by rail (6s and 4s). A thriving town­ship ; one mile from Mataura River; in Southland County ; within easy driving distance by splendid road from Invercargill. Trains running to or from Invercargill three or four times daily. There is also a train service (Is 2d return) daily between Wyndham and Edendale. There is a large cheese and butter factory, famous for its excellent cheese and butter. No hotel, being in a no-license district. Has school, and post and money order office at railway; also telegraph office. The roads are level and splendid for cycling. Private boarding accommodation. There is also good fishing in the Mataura. Mimihau, and Wvndliam Rivers, all within 3 miles of Wyndham. Stores and bank.
EDENDALE. See Mount Somers, Canterbury.
EDENDALE. See Mount Albert.
EDEN MOUNT AND TERRACE. A suburb of Auckland, which see. The mount is an extinct volcano of a perfect bowl shape.
EDGECOMBE MOUNT. Near Te Teko. 14 m S. of Matata. Rises abruptly to 2732ft. Said to have on summit lake of green water—probably extinct volcano.
EDIEVALE. 109 miles south by rail from Dunedin. Place named after an old settler, John Edie, and is situated in a valley. No accommodation. Telephone, and mails daily. Is the outlet by rail for the whole of the fruit industry from Teviot district, 30 m off. Nearest doctor at Tapanui, 17 m.
EDISON MOUNT (5365ft), on Upper Rangitata; Ashburton Countv.
EDITOR PEAK, Pelorus Sound.
EDUCATION. Provision is made on a liberal scale for this in New Zealand. The whole cost of the primary or State schools is paid by Government. There is a Department of Education, with a Minister of the Cabinet, which is charged with administration of the Education Act. It also manages the Native schools, Industrial schools, Deaf Mute schools, and indirectly schools for the blind. The colony is divided into 13 education districts, and for each of these there is an Education Board, and again, each school has a school committee who elect the boards. The income of the boards is obtained from a capitation allowance of £3 15s for every pupil of average attendance. The money is voted by Parliament yearly, and for the erection of school buildings.
The education at the primary, public, or State schools is free, purely secular, and under certain conditions between ages of seven and 13 compulsory. The subjects taught at the primary school' are reading, writing, arithmetic. English, grammar, composition, geography, history, and carpentry ; and for girls, sewing, needlework, and cook­ing. secondary or higher schools are provided for, but not directly by the State, and there are fees charged ; but pupils under 14 years having passed the Sixth Standard at a public school are allowed three years' education free at the High Schools. Most have endowments of land, and others are aided by school commissioners, who have control of public reserves for education. Provision is also made for instruc­tion in military drill of all boys in the schools.
Technical education is also provided, the subjects taught being drawing, painting, modelling, design, wood-carving, architecture, car­pentry and joinery, plumbing, painters' and decorators' work, mechanical and electrical engineering, natural and experimental science (various branches), languages, mathematics, commercial sub­jects, cookery, laundry-work, dressmaking, tailoring, wool-sorting, and vocal music.
Further provision for higher education is made by the University of N.Z., which has no teaching staff, but is purely an examining body, having power to confer degrees and give scholarships (from grant by Government). The affiliated institutions where university students receive instruction are the Otago University, Canterbury College, and Auckland University College, and Victoria College, Wellington.
As part of the higher education of the colony there are schools of law and medicine and a school of mines at Otago University, a dental school at Dunedin, a school of engineering at Canterbury Col­lege, Christchurch, a school of agriculture .under this college at Lin­coln. Christchurch, and a school of music at Auckland.
EDWARD MOUNT (6296ft). a peak in South Canterbury.
EELS CREEK. See Awatuna.
ECMONT VILLAGE, Taranaki. Nine miles south-east from New Plymouth. In Taranaki County. Rail to Inglewood, then by coach three miles (Is), or coach direct from New Plymouth (Is 6d). Is mostly a dairy farming district, having a creamery. Post office and telephone. .Mount Egmont may be ascended from here. The best route to Mount Egmont is via Egmont road and Egmont Village. Brakes and gigs have a good metalled road to Mountain House, where there is good accommodation. Good fishing. Captain Cook sighted Mount Egmont on 9th January. 1770, and he gave the name. See also Mount Egmont. Doctor at Inglewood. 3 miles.
EIFFELTON, Canterbury. 65 miles south-west from Christchurch. Train to Winslow, then six miles hire. A small agricultural and pastoral district, with post office. Telegraph office and telephone bureau. 7s in Ashburton County. Roads good for cyclists, and per­fectly level. No hotel or private boarding. Eiffelton is a part of the Longbeach Estate. Nearest doctor at Ashburton. 9 m.
EIGHT MILK. See Alpine Hill.
EKETAHUNA, Wellington. On Makakahi River, 93 miles north by rail from Wellington. Coaches start here for Alfredton (3s). Nireaha (2s), Pahiatua via Maugaone Valley (5s) daily. Timber, Sheep, dairying, and creamery. Pigeon aixl pheasant shooting fair, flood trout fishing. Good reads for cycling. Private boarding at 20s to 25s per week. Two banks, newspaper, churches, and post, tele­graph, telephone, and money order office. Eketahuna is a rising township rapidly increasing in proportions. It is the centre of a large and prosperous district, settled closely by an industrious and thrifty class of settlers, and bids fair to become a town of considerable importance at no distant date. Was originally settled in 1872 as a Scandi­navian immigrants' village called Mellenskov. Town lit by electricity, and is " no-license." Resident doctors. Population 805.
ELAINE BAY, Marlborough. 60 miles north from Blenheim by coach to Havelock, thence weekly steamer. Population 900. Is situated on bay in western area of Pelorus Sound. Good rock-cod sea fishing. No shooting, with the exception of a few wild pigs. Deer stalking. See also. Croixelles. Post and telephone office. Nearest doctor at Havelock, 30 in.
ELBOW. The old name for Lumsden, which see.
ELDERSLIE. A sheep station and farming district. 10 m from Oamaru. See Windsor for description.
ELDERSLIE. Southland. See Lochiel.
ELEANOR MOUNT (Cheviot district) North Canterbury.
ELEPHANT HILL. See Waihao Forks.
ELEVATION, Marlborough. A railway siding, three miles from Picton : on the Picton-Blenheim line. Koromiko. three miles distant, is nearest post office, which see. Brickworks here.
ELFIN BAY (near Greenstone). Lake Wakatipu
ELGIN, Canterbury. Five miles by hire from Ashburton. The surrounding country is agricultural. In Ashburton County. Named by early settler after Elgin (Scotland). Post and telephone office. Nearest doctor at Ashburton, 5 in.
ELI BAY. Pelorus. Telegraph station.
ELIZABETH. See Waipawa.
ELIZABETH MOUNT (5715ft; at head of Haupiri River), Westland.
ELLA. Small bay in Cheviot district.
ELLERSLIE, Auckland. A pleasant suburb of Auckland City, 5 miles south by rail or bus. For description of district refer to Auck­land city. Post, telephone, and money order office. Supposed to be named from the Scotch home of Sir Wm. Wallace. Before town­ship was laid out the site was owned by the late Robert Graham. Doctors at Epsom and One Tree Hill, close by.
ELLESMERE, Canterbury. Near River Selwyn ; 21 miles south by rail from Christchurch. Telegraph and money order office. Farm­ing. Excellent cycling roads. No hotel or private board. Good trout fishing in Selwyn River. Five minutes' walk from railway station. Nearest doctor at Lincoln, 8 in.
ELLES ROAD. Railway station, one mile from Invercargill.
ELLIOTT MOUNT (4156ft), situated between Ahaura and Grey rivers.
ELLIOTT PEAK. Pelorus Sound.
ELLIS POINT. In Kawhia harbour.
ELLIS RTVER. Tributary of Grey River.
ELLIS SIDING. 61 miles from 'Napier by rail. See Ormondville.
ELLMERS LANE. See Greymouth.
ELLOUGHTON GRANGE. Sheep station near Timarti.
ELMSLIE'S BAY, Nelson. Small sheep-farming' settlement 35 miles south-west by Anchor line and U.S.S. Co.'s steamers from Nelson; fare. 10s. Private board 20s per week. Roads bad for cycling. Stephens Island and D'Urville Island are connected by cable and telephone.
ELSTHORPE, Hawke's Bay. 49 miles south from Napier. Rail to Otane, then coach Monday and Tuesday 15 miles; return Tuesday and Friday. In Patangata County. A sheep station district entirely. Post and telephone office, and 'store. Nearest doctor, Waipawa. 18 miles.
ELTHAM, Taranaki. Principal centre of the dairying industry in Taranaki. Originally the laud was covered in heavy bush, but it is only in a high state of cultivation, and readily sells at prices ranging as high ns £50 an acre. The town is situated on the railway line 36 miles from New Plymouth, and 71 from Wanganui. There are munici­pal gas works, and the borough is proposing to erect a town hall, municipal offices, and public library at a cost of £6000. During 1910 buildings (mostly in concrete) to the value of £25.000 have been erected within the borough. The town has a complete water and drainage system, and there are three banks. It is the centre of the Egmont electoral district, Eltham County Council, Taranaki Farmers' Mutual Fire Insurance Association. The roads are good for cycling and motoring. and {food accommodation may be bad at three hotels and a number of boarding houses. Fortnightly sittings of the S.M. Court are held. Weekly cattle sales are also held. Excellent trout fishing can be obtained in any of the streams which abound in the district. Game is not so plentiful as it was a few years a go. Eltham is the nearest point of rail to the famous Dawson's Falls Mountain House, of Mount Egmont, which is rapidly becoming a favourite tourists' resort. Daw-­son's Falls may be reached by horse conveyance from Eltham in two hours, or by motor car in less than one hour. Horse vehicles and motor oars are to be hired without difficulty in Eltham. Daily coach service between Eltham and Kaponga (9 miles) and Opunake (26 miles). There are two resident doctors in the town, and a private hospital. The population of Eltham Borough is about 1737. Post, telephone, telegraph, and money order offices and savings hank. Half holiday held Thursdays.
EMPRESS GLACIER. In Southern Alps.
ENDEAVOUR INLET, Marlborough. By steamer every Fri­day from Pit-ton (22 m) 5s, and 40 in from Blenheim. In Sounds County. Mount Stokes (4000ft high) is best approached from here. Telephone at Kenepuru (or Portage). 11 miles. Nearest doctor at Picton. Good boarding house, 42s. Good fishing and shooting. Within one hours' journey of Ship Cove, the first place Captain Cook landed at in New Zealand. Named after Captain Cook's ship, the Endeavour. Antimony mines.
ENDERBY ISLAND. One of the Auckland Islands, which see.
ENFIELD, Otago. 81 miles north by rail from Dunedin and seven from Oamaru; in Waitaki County. Farming settlement. Good roads. Private board. A deposit of dolerite has recently been unearthed here. Post and telephone office with daily mail. Doctor at Oamaru. 8 m. Store and dairy factory.
ENTRY ISLAND. See Kapiti Island.
ENYS MOUNT (7202ft), near Castle Hill.
EPSOM. A suburb and part of Auckland City, which see.
EPWORTH. Near Temuka.
ERAKINE POINT. Tapoa, in Lyttelton Harbour.
ERANGI POINT. On W. coast Auckland. N. of ilanukau.
EREBUS PEAK; Mount at head of Routeburn, Kinloch ; 6555ft,
EREWHON. A sheep station 10 m from Moawhango, which see.
ERMEDALE. See Fairfax.
ERNA MOANA. A lagoon near mouth of Grey River.
ERNE HILL. 4 m from Fortrose.
EROA. A station on the Main Trunk (Auckland to Wellington) line. 4 ½ m S. from Waimarino.
ESCAPE REEF. S.E. of Centre Island, Foveaux Strait.
ESKBANK. See St. Andrew.
ESKDALE, Hawke's Bay. On the Esk River, and two miles from sea coast. Pastoral and fruit-growing district 10 miles north from Napier; twice daily by coach. 3s return. Roads very good, and a, pleasant drive or motor run from Napier. A favourite picnic resort. Post and telegraph office. Nearest doctor at Napier.
ESSON'S VALLEY. In southern part of Picton. Better known as the Waterworks Reserve.
ESTUARY—HEATHCOTE-AVON. Junction of Heathcote-av<jh rivers, near Sumner. Canterbury.
ETHELTON. 64 miles north by rail from Christchurch on the Wairarapa-Cheviot branch. The line was recently extended from here to Mina, a step further towards the completion of the Waipara-Cheviot line. Scargill (9 miles) is nearest post office.
ETTRICK, Otago. 88 miles N.W. from Dunedin; in Tuapeka County. Train to Lawrence, then daily coach 30 miles (11s). An agri­cultural and mining township, having a flourmill and post and telephone office Gold dredging and farming are the chief industries. Large fruit growing country. Trout fishing and shooting close at hand.
EUREKA HILL. See Thames.
EVANS BAY. A small suburb of Wellington; on the Queen's Drive, between the city and Kilbirnie. The Wellington patent slip is here, and is well worth a visit. It is owned by a private company, and can take vessels up to 2.000 tons not exceeding 300ft in length or a greater draught than 16ft forward when going on slip. Roads good for cycling, a pleasant spin being afforded by riding via Oriental Bay, to Evans Bay, and from here on to Kilbirnie, thence to the city by Constable street. Named after Capt. Evans, of H.M.S. Acheron. which visited New Zealand in 1847 on a survey trip.
EUREKA, Auckland. 94 miles by rail from Auckland on the Auckland-Morrinsville line of railway. Post office is two miles distant from railway station. Has a dairy factory. Mails arrive Post and telephone office. Nearest doctor at Hamilton. 12 miles
EVANSDALE, Otago. 19 miles north by rail from Dunedin, in Waikouaiti County, and two miles from Waitati or Blueskin. Has a picturesque gorge, with an excellent trout stream running through it. Fair rabbit shooting. Good cycling road. Has a hotel, and private board obtainable. Post and telephone office. Named after Wm. Evans, "dale" being attached to the name from the gorge or glen which is a favourite resort for picnic parties. Nearest doctor at Wiiitati. 2 miles.
EVANS FLAT, Otago. 63 miles south from Dunedin. Rail to Lawrence, thence coach (daily) three miles, 1s. Farming and mining (sluicing). Two hotels: no private board. Post and telephone office. Doctor at Lawrence.
EVANS ISLET. ¾ m off Kapiti Island.
EVANS MOUNT (2371ft), near Port Levy, Banks Peninsula.
EVANS PASS. On Lyttelton-Sumner road, Christchurch.
EVELINE. Site of abattoirs near Oamarti.
EVERSLEY. Village settlement near Fairlie.
EWEBURN, Otago. 88 miles north-west from Dunedin by rail, Ranfurly being the name of the station, thence coach 3 miles. An old pastoral district. In Maniototo County. Good sporting—hare. rabbit, and wild duck—close at hand. Ranfurly is the nearest tele­phone and money order office. Nearest doctor at Naseby, 6 miles. There is a Government nursery here.
EXPORTS. The quantities and values of the principal exports from the Dominion for the year 1910 were as follows:—Wool (204.368.3241b). £8.308.410: frozen meat (2,654,370cwt). £3,846,049: butter (356.631cwt), £1.811.975: phormium (20,646 tons). £448.414: kauri gum (8664 tons), £465.044; cheese 451.912r\vt). £1.195.373: its (444.486 bushels), £44,299: gold (478.280oz), £1.896.318.
EYRE CREEK. 62 miles by rail from Invercargill. and 12 miles from Lumsden. See Athol and Parawa, which act as-post offices. EYRE PEAK. At head of Lochy River,Southland.
EYRE RIVER. Near Kaiapoi.
EYRETON, Canterbury. An agricultural township, in Ashley County, 20 miles north from Christchurch. Train to Mandeville North, then 3 miles coach. Has a post and telephone office. Cycling roads good. Named after the River Eyre, which passes through the district. Large hall and public library; three churches. Doctor at Kaiupoi. 8 miles.
EYRETON WEST. See West Eyreton.